#thegame23 was started by the CIA

Enigma 23

The 23 enigma is a belief in the significance of the number 23.


Robert Anton Wilson (author of Principia Discordia and the Illuminatus! Trilogy) cites William S. Burroughs as the first person to believe in the 23 enigma.

Robert Anton Wilson: “Burroughs began keeping records of odd coincidences. To his astonishment, 23’s appeared in a lot of them. When he told me about this, I began keeping my own records – and 23’s appeared in many of them. “

This, of course, illustrates Jano Watts’ concept of “The Net” – the lines of coincidence-synchronicity that connect everything-with-everything. It is also an analogy with what physicists call QUIP – the Quantum Inseparability Principle.

Burroughs practiced Chaos Magick

What about the CIA?

How does a famous Discordian and Chaos magician lead back to the Central Intelligence Agency? Well that’s complex but not impossible to understand. Simply connect the dots…

Aleister Crowley was a marginal yet early and ongoing influence of Chaos Magick. Other early influences include Discordianism (created by the CIA), the punk movement (created by the CIA), postmodernism (also created by the CIA) and the writings of Robert Anton Wilson.

The rabbit hole is deep and wide!

The CIA was created by British Intelligence



Quinn Michaels explains that Hivemind is part of a system built by the CIA …


MKFAWKES (CIA Black Operative and Chaos magician) is the current game master of #thegame23

#MKOFTEN is a common hashtag used by #MKFAWKES

“That’s real human behavior,” CIA Chief Strategy Officer Rachel Grunspan says. “If you design a game right, you’ll see a lot of complexity organically emerge. That’s what you want.”

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