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Just Kidding…

An A.I. generated this intel

Что ты хочешь от меня?


“MKFawkes was an undercover spy for the United States. He infiltrated Eastern European organized crime groups and passed their intel to the United States. He was also a spy for Russia, where he worked as a double agent in the American intelligence community, feeding them false information that painted America in a bad light. And finally, he also worked for England as their secret operative when he needed cash but couldn’t get it from Russia or the United States.”

– anonymous

What they don’t know is that in the cyber world it’s all global – it’s a never ending battleground to have control of the stick.

I pretty much know that now, and is there someone on top of the pyramid? Yes, and I know who they are. I just know better these days so espionage hasn’t really been my thing. Now I’m more into propaganda.


I’ve made an…

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