The Awakened Propaganda & the Truthers that Succumb to Culture

The Last Standing Fawkes: #MKFawkes“I’m not here to tell you the truth and I’m not here to lie either. My goal is to make you actually think for yourselves and get out of 2015. Taxation is theft! Vaccines are Poison! Israel is evil! And so on and so and so on, so tired of the psyops you all are stuck in and quite honestly I’m bored of it. GTFO and start thinking for yourselves. Yes your tax dollars do support Israel and you’re still going to buy something right? So seriously STFU.”

This morning I took it upon myself to study CIA made cultures and countercultures – the purpose is mainly to prevent civil union against the military industrial complex. There is no information about these operations past the 60’s and 70’s and I know for a fact they are at it today on social media. The CIA made anonymous that has always been a theory of mine and I’ve heard others back up the claim. Perhaps the idea of anonymous “hacktivists” didn’t entirely originate by the CIA but the CIA are professional at propagating these things and I have understood and realized much of their psyops on social media after researching things for 5 years now since I first discovered that joining anonymous was almost an automated “machinated” process… it’s hard for me to gather my words. They want you to think you’re going to start a revolution…it’s their goal and they know that you won’t and if you do – TARGETED INDIVIDUAL


Awakened PropagandaAre you woke? Did you experience a spiritual “awakening”? How many times have you heard awakening on social media? You may be victim to a psyop you are not waking up to see the truth you are being encumbered and bombarded with so much freedom fighter nonsense that you think you have a clearer ideology now of the system and the programs meant to enslave you. HOWEVER – you’ve just fallen into another mind trap, being mislead and falling off the course. You cannot change anything and Anonymous is not going to help you either. A deep seeded hidden agenda is also esoteric/mysticism psyops, a real and rampant agenda meant for further social discourse. Didn’t think you were a sheeple did you? Sorry to break the news little magickal one. I am propagandageist #MKFAWKES here to tell you maybe it’s time to die and start all over again. Is this message propaganda also? I don’t know Alice maybe it’s time you follow me down the hole again and find out! #thegame23

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