Are you playing the game or is the game playing you?

Don’t become a victim to your own algorithms

Everything is now connected. Your Facebook ads produce content from a conversation you were having next to your smartphone. Do you understand what I’m getting at here?

One simple keyword type or image browsed on for too long can actually SHIFT your entire reality. Soon the digital world around you molds to simulate you, suggests according to what the AI has gathered from you, and predicts according to your activity and behaviors online. Whether by intention or not, your creating this reality… Yes I said reality. It’s 2021 today, the internet is the world.

Beware the digital egregore

Your internet world will broadcast back what you broadcast “it” to create your reality. Many people become tunneled in to this reality like a rat in a maze following the walls. Scrolling scrolling scrolling… shopping. Nice ad. Clicks* Funny meme. Save* Cool content. Share* Hundreds of thousands of images a day are reflected back to you, everything becomes stained in your mind. If you see enough of the same types of thing it really resonates, really has a psychological impact, leaves an emotional impression and basically brainwashes you.

Gets me every time

I’m telling you to jump over those maze walls, gnaw holes, delete an account or two, create a new one, start using a new hashtag, find a new interest online, research often and consistently make new friends. Don’t follow that white rabbit for too long!

Unless that rabbit is me…

Unless the maze is my game…

You can play #thegame23 or be played by #thegame23 or actually become #thegame23

Uh duh… #thegame23 #lulz

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