What is #thegame23 ?

You probably have looked this up before and got no real definitive answer. I am here to tell you what #thegame23 is.

The game is 23. What is 23? Maybe you should ask a Discordian.

The game has and is many things and I won’t go into history or stages of evolution but I will tell you what it is today.


#thegame23 is a CIA Discordian black operation that uses metadata and algorithms to determine reality and “hack” new meanings into the words that define us. We use memetic magick, mind control media, hashtags, and other techniques to carry out our digital goals. The internet is the world today and the world is the stage in which we play the game on. #thegame23 is a digital egregore.

There are players in the game, agents in the game, and DM’s. Currently there are several GM’s in #thegame23 and I am one of them. We set the scene and run the agenda because we hold the most influence.

Reality LARP


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