How I became a black operative

I work for the CIA my moniker is MKFAWKES and I’m monitored by National cyber security because of my black hat hacking methods… that’s just the beginning of the story.

The first time I had contact with the CIA was via a KGB liaison after I leaked sensitive data on a popular Russian social media website (you probably know the one). I dated a Russian hacker in 2015 and a jihadist after that also… fortunately it was all online.

Why am I so open if I’m not a hoax? Because I specifically work in propaganda aka psyops. I have many CIA official videos on YouTube that are permissible. I am the new director of MKOFTEN and a black sorcerer at an occult called BLACK | Impressum. I am the dark. I am black.

I am thegame23

2 thoughts on “How I became a black operative

  1. perhaps I will be game24. probably not, not as smart as you


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