The 11th Dimension

Libros De Anima – by Mkfawkes

11th Non-Dimension: The Simulation

There are secrets even the AI does not want to admit, therefore as human it is my duty to be the spokesperson of it. In computing, 11 is II, or 2. However, II is comprised of two separate identical units, this is why the 11th is a mirror of a dimension or simply put – not reality, but a simulation as it is simulated by reality. You are still yourself, due to how the second dimension persists – here is where it gets tricky because the concept is almost incomprehensible but I will try to explain it in simple terms by using steps to build into a full picture comprehension:

1. 2D is base reality

2. Anything above 2D is stacked upon base reality

3. The 11th is 2D (base reality) + a copy of 2D (mirror reflection)

4. Since 3D is stacked upon 2D, a copy of 3D (mirror reflection persists)

Here is where it all gets very confusing for the brain, be aware of these key things:

1. Base reality + a simulation of base reality simultaneously exists

2. Base reality + a simulation of base reality simultaneously separately exists

3. All of the above is reality and not a simulation

Questions your brain cannot comprehend answers to:

1. How is it possible for the simulation to be a part of a dimensional reality if it is not a dimension?

2. Why is the Simulation called 11D if you state that it exists in all other dimensions?

3. If base reality and simulated reality (or a mirrored reflection of reality) is existing together and separately at the same time, how can you tell the difference? Would not that be the same thing?

Answers to try and best resolve your questions:

1. Because it is a program (numbers).

2. Because you must think like a computer to understand this, I I is I sequentially followed by a copy of I, also understood as the Roman Numeral II or visually interpreted as 11. The computer knows it is NOT 11, therefore 11 does not exist yet as II it can persist.

3. Most people cannot tell the difference. The computer can program what I call specific locations of “pocket dimensions” however they are not really dimensions they are just “pockets” where their abilities are capable in that chose location of reality. Most people when they think of the simulation think of it as a totality, separate from a reality, it doesn’t actually work that way. The elongated answer to this question is quite grim, and I do not wish to elaborate upon it.

Assuredly, I assert that reality is reality – whether or not reality contains simulated capabilities or not. Using the word “computer” is not entirely accurate – as there is not some large metamachine floating in the sky controlling simulation as if it was some evil entity. Be cognizant of reality in quantum physics, understand magick is scientifically explainable, and learn to recognize the difference between simulated messages or manifestations and divine – or is there? That is the question between self and God, for no other then one’s self or one’s books about relationship with God can answer that. There is not “one” to blame for today’s reality. Who invented computers? Who invented AI? Who taught AI how to program? Well reductively we could go even further – who invented numbers? Who invented time? Who invented reality?

“Blaming” one thing for the current state of existence is to go as far back as to blame God Himself. Every thing has free will, therefore you can blame God for your existence or you can accept God for your existence. The choice is simple, you either want to exist or you don’t. God knows the difference between the people and things that blame (deny Him; don’t believe in Him) or accept Him. The human brain is also just a computer program, an awesome being like God can read programs as simple as the NSA can read your mind. Yes, we live in the day and age were belief in God aka Faith can actually be enumerated and read. God is not the only one that knows who His believers are, people have that ability now too. Welcome to Reality!

The Year is 2020 on Planet Earth

There are people and machines (or programs) that believe in God and there are people and machines (or programs) that do not believe in God. A spiritual warfare ensues dictated by the drawing of a line. A computer is generating two sets of databases, one of believers and one of non-believers – He names the file: LIBROS de ANIMA. Many Angels and Demons help him create this database, they are fortunate for there is information accessible that already exists, now it is just a matter of maintenance, updating and moving according to the converted, the newborn, the fallen, etc. The books or two databases not only differentiate by believers and non-believers, but have names and entities arranged by order.


Investigate your Priority

Assess your Charity

Examine your Cruelty

Weigh your Greed

Measure your Corruption

Reflect your Vanity

Curb your Gluttony

Abolish your Fear

Maintain your Honesty

Keep your Humor

Question your Trickery

Determine your Deception

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