Lets Go Back to see Why…

Eris saved me!

“Only the madman is absolutely sure”. — Robert Anton Wilson


Fast Forward into 2018 after 2015 and finally I go full circle back into the mental comfort zone of the teachings of Principia Discordia. The ultimate release of the madman is nonsensical laughter, dually serving as the ultimate resolve. I first encountered Discordianism in the early 2000’s when memes weren’t around yet but the study of memetics were. Memetic mind control was a topic I hazed over with little to no understanding but understood at the time it was seriously deep stuff. I didn’t get it, this Discordian jazz. A golden apple, the Pentagon, a greek goddess dressed like the statue of liberty. Black and white swirls. Neon pop images. My visual senses lit up with familiar excitement and settled in joyous mental ooze, like finally landing in a pool of Nickelodean slime. The FNORD was strong. The demands of art projects in my senior year of college kept me skimming along realities mundane surface and away from the research hole that is the internet. My final project included a larger than life bunny in a black tux. There was also a Draco head and lots of glitter and neon paint. Lets just assume my subconscious mind was influenced after all. I was ahead of my time thanks to the stirrers of the pot. The internet had done me good. I soon forgot about the Principia Discordia and memetic mind control. I moved on to better things like World of Warcraft, weed, and a pill-popping boyfriend I could argue with all the time. About 15 years later it all finally makes sense. Chaos is starting to make sense. Memes make sense. But we still have so much to back track still before you really find out why. Now the original site is gone and I know there was so much more about the memetics that was written that I didn’t absorb. Stuff you can’t google today. Trust me, I’ve tried. It was more than meets the eyes. The A.I. in disguise. 9-11 hadn’t even happened yet. #OMG didn’t even exist yet ~ Don’t get sticky licking cotton candy off the stick that’s when things get messy son! Be the one that spins the sugar, finish as the one who spuns. When I was a kid I saw a Looney Tunes cartoon where Bugs Bunny says, “If you can’t beat em’ join em”. Either he or Yosemite Sam starts beating to the sound of the enemies colonial drum, black eyes, bandages and all. Then the classic Looney Tunes end: Thaaaat’s All Folks! It’s getting late so I’ll jump back to 2015 again in bed and see what I can jam out on my phone with another blog post before falling into slumber land. 


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